Zero error 3D printing – high precision 3D industrial printer

Zero error 3D printing – high precision 3D industrial printer

To perform excellent 3D printing, you need high-quality 3D printing. The most important thing for a 3D printer is precision, high precision, and the printed model is smooth and detailed. But the accuracy will also be affected. Once it is affected, the printed model may not be so perfect. Let me introduce the factors that affect the accuracy of 3D printing.

1. Overall body
During the printing process, the 3D printer may vibrate along with the movement of the print head. A stable body will fix the 3D printer. The body provides stable support for the printing structure, reduces resonance, and makes printing more stable.

2. Motor
A good motor can make printing details more accurate, reduce vibration lines reasonably, and make the model\’s surface smoother and more detailed.

3. Feeding system
The working task of the 3D printer is to use the motor to send the printing material into the print head to perform the printing task. The working task of the motor is divided into two parts. In the feeding link, the print head may shift due to the excessive resistance of the pulling material.

4. Slide rail
3D printing is printed layer by layer, and the printing is millimeter-level, so there is no tolerance for errors. When printing the same layer model, the print head must use the different orientations of the slide rail to move, and the platform also needs to be used when printing the same layer. The slide rail and the screw rod move down. Therefore, high-quality slide rails and screw rods can make the movement of the platform and the print head more accurate and move more smoothly, thereby reducing possible errors.

In addition to the equipment itself, model printing is also affected by many factors, such as physical environment, quality of consumables, modeling quality, slicing, etc.

In short, it is not easy to buy a suitable high-precision 3d industrial printer.


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