What problems should be paid attention to when processing precision small parts?

There are many requirements for the processing precision small parts. The quality must be guaranteed and the quality must be guaranteed. These are actually related to the processing of small precision parts. If it is in place, there will generally be no faults or problems.

1. Pay attention to check the equipment
Before processing precision parts, you must make a comprehensive inspection of the processed equipment to see if it can operate normally. At the same time, add lubricant to the moving parts of the equipment in time, and ensure that the clutch and brake are normal. If the mechanical equipment is faulty, then the processing of precision small parts should be stopped at this time, and the equipment can be processed normally after the equipment is repaired. .

2. Quality inspection
Some manufacturers may pay extra attention to efficiency when processing small parts and components, but ignore the quality inspection of bad reviews. This approach is actually incorrect. We must pay attention to product quality inspection. If it is found that production If there are abnormal situations in the process, we must pay attention to promptly stop and deal with it. If the quality problem is ignored in pursuit of high efficiency, this is obviously not acceptable.

3. Pay attention to details
There are a lot of problems that need to be paid attention to in the process of small parts processing. Everyone should pay attention to carefully grasp, such as whether the clamping of parts is normal, or whether there is any abnormal processing process, whether there is any forgotten situation, etc. Wait, it is obvious that such parts are unqualified products in the end, so extra meticulous processing is required.

In fact, the processing of precision small parts is still a meticulous process. Although automated processing has been realized today, if the processing is slightly improper, it will also directly affect the quality of small parts processing. You must pay attention However, if there is a problem in the equipment that cannot be solved by yourself, you must contact the relevant after-sales department in time to deal with the isolated battle of the equipment in time to ensure normal use.

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