Stainless steel parts precision machining how to maintain accuracy?

In many metal parts processing, it is very common to encounter some stainless steel parts processing. However, in terms of precision machining of stainless steel parts, there are actually many precautions, especially it is very important to pay attention to the accuracy of the problem.
1. Tool material selection When stainless steel materials are processed, the cutting force is very large, and there will be very high cutting temperatures. We must pay attention to this point. In addition to grasping the necessary cooling conditions, we must also pay attention to the choice of tool materials, as strong as possible, and cemented carbide materials with better thermal conductivity.
2. Tool cutting edge position It is also particularly emphasized here about the position of the cutting edge of the tool, because the hardness of the stainless steel itself is relatively high, and the cutting edge of the tool is naturally required to be very sharp. At the same time, pay attention to the roughness value of the front blade face to be smaller when grinding, so that the outflow resistance of the chips can be reduced, which is beneficial to the precision machining of stainless steel parts. At the same time, we also need to remind everyone to pay attention to the grasp of the feed rate, not too large but not too small, otherwise the service life of the tool may be affected, which will greatly increase the cost.
3. Location of chip breaker The last thing to pay attention to is the grasp of the chipbreaker. The cutting of stainless steel itself has toughness, so the chipbreaker on the rake face of the tool must be ground to a suitable position. It is also important to ensure convenient chip evacuation. It may seem simple, but in fact it is quite different from the processing of parts made of general materials. I hope everyone will pay more attention to it.
Taking into account the particularity of the stainless steel material itself, it is said that everyone must pay special attention to the above-mentioned problems when performing precision machining of stainless steel parts. Especially for many novices, a little carelessness may affect the processing problems of stainless steel parts. In other words, this has caused malfunctions and problems in the use of mechanical equipment and tools. In fact, the later troubles are greater, and everyone should pay attention to it.

Stainless steel parts precision machining


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