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(RIM) Reaction injection molding Service Company

At Bohao Prototyping, we have been providing high quality reaction injection molding parts to our customers for over 10 years. Our award-winning molding machinery has produced everything from farm machinery to our revolutionary low weight, high energy absorbing bumpers. We’re here to help you understand just what is so special about RIM and why it just might be right for your parts.

What Is Reaction Injection Molding Service?

Reaction injection molding (RIM) is similar to injection molding except thermosetting polymers are used, which requires a curing reaction to occur within the mold. RIM utilizes chemical reactions to produce stronger, tougher, more lightweight, more complex and more customizable parts in a significantly more cost-efficient manner than standard injection molding. Common items made via RIM include automotive bumpers, air spoilers, and fenders.

Advantages of (RIM) Reaction Injection Molding service

  • RIM parts are lightweight and flexible
  • RIM parts can easily be painted
  • RIM parts are strong, tough and durable, capable of resisting impact and wear without deforming
  • RIM parts are non-corrosive and chemically resistant
  • RIM can be used to create far more intricate, detailed, complex and customizable parts than any other process available

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