Requirements for operators of CNC lathes

Requirements for operators of CNC lathes

It is the operator who has the most contact with the compound CNC lathe and can grasp the \”pulse\” of the machine\’s operation. They operate the machine tool all day long, accumulate a wealth of practical experience, and know the state of the machine parts well. Their correct use and maintenance often have an important impact on the state of CNC machine tools. Therefore, a qualified CNC machine tool operator should have the following basic conditions:

(1) Have a high ideological quality. Hardworking, with good professional ethics, able to study technology assiduously, technical secondary school or above, and rich practical experience.

(2) Proficient in various operations and programming. Be able to correctly and skillfully perform various operations for the CNC machine tools for which you are responsible, and master the programming methods, and be able to compile correctly and optimized processing procedures to avoid operation errors or programming errors caused by collisions and machine failures.

(3) Have a thorough understanding of the characteristics of the machine tool and master the operating rules of the machine tool. Have a deep understanding of the characteristics of the machine tool, and be able to grasp the operating conditions and some laws, and the operator responsible for daily maintenance can correctly and skillfully complete the maintenance work, so as to maintain a good machine tool condition. machine tool.

(4) Familiar with operating procedures and maintenance and inspection contents. Compound CNC lathe equipment and machinery should be familiar with the basic operating procedures and safety operating procedures of the machine, the content and standards of daily maintenance and inspection, the specific parts and requirements of maintenance and lubrication, and the oil (grease) grade and the substitutes used by the machine Oil (grease) grade, the normal pressure of hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

(5) Deal with it seriously and keep records. Any abnormalities and signs found during operation can be carefully handled and recorded. Once a failure occurs, the work should be done in a timely and correct manner, and maintenance personnel should be found as soon as possible for repairs, maintenance procedures, and maintenance personnel to work closely together to complete the failure of the machine tool. Diagnosis and repair work.


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