Notes for shaft parts processing

Notes for shaft parts processing

Shaft parts processing should not be unfamiliar to people engaged in the machinery industry. In fact, this is a common rotating body part that exists in many mechanical equipment. Its main function is to be able to support the transmission components, carry out torque transmission, and at the same time can mature the load, which is an indispensable part.

Speaking of the problem of shaft parts processing, many people don\’t know, the following Bohao prototype manufacturer will introduce to you how to process it.

1. The basic processing line is determined
As far as the processing of shaft parts is concerned, the first thing to determine is the line problem of the basic processing, because generally speaking, the position of the outer circle on the surface during the processing of shaft parts, so there will be different processing requirements, and it is generally determined. After processing the drawing, it is necessary to plan the processing, first roughing, and then finishing, etc., don\’t be confused.

2. Find the position of the positioning datum
As far as the processing of shaft parts is concerned, it is necessary to determine the positioning reference position first. The seemingly simple positioning also requires professional technology to position to ensure that the position is accurate before entering the next step of part processing. Then the machining positioning datum of some shaft parts may be different, so it should be used flexibly. Skills to determine.

3. Clamping parts is very important
In fact, the machining of shaft parts is also inseparable from the clamping, otherwise it cannot be processed well. During the clamping, the number of installations should be reduced as much as possible, because it is necessary to avoid errors caused by multiple clamping. The accuracy of shaft parts has a certain impact. In addition, pay attention to the way of clamping, because sometimes the clamping operation is improper, it may also cause unevenness on the surface of the shaft parts, and ultimately affect the use of the parts.

Therefore, as far as the processing of shaft parts is concerned, many problems are actually involved. If you want a better price for shaft parts, you must pay attention to the above conditions. The use of machinery and equipment must be familiar with, and you must be able to accurately grasp the problems of the drawings to better perform shafts. Processing of parts.


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