Normal operating conditions for CNC lathes

To ensure the regular operation and use of precision CNC lathes, certain conditions must be met, including the installation location, ambient temperature, and power requirements.

1. Installation location
The location of the precision CNC lathe should be far away from the vibration source, direct sunlight, and heat radiation, and a vibration groove should be set around the machine tool otherwise. And stability makes the electronic components poor contact, failure, affecting the reliability of CNC machine tools.

2. Ambient temperature
The ambient temperature of the precision CNC lathe should be less than 30 degrees, and the relative temperature should be less than 80%. Generally speaking, equipped with an exhaust fan or a cooling fan to keep the electronic components, especially the CPU working temperature constant or the temperature difference is negligible. With increasing temperature and humidity, dust will increase and cause adhesion in the integrated circuit board and cause short circuits.

3. Power requirements
Generally, precision CNC lathes installed in the machining workshop have significant temperature changes, poor use conditions, and a wide range of electromechanical equipment, which causes large fluctuations in the power grid. Therefore, the installation of CNC lathes has strict control of the power supply voltage. The fluctuations of the power supply voltage must be within the allowable range And keep it relatively stable.

In addition to the above factors, the regular operation of the CNC lathe must strictly follow the instructions. For example, when the user uses the machine tool, it cannot change the control system parameters in the factory settings and cannot change the machine tool accessories. Use hydraulic chuck, hydraulic head, and tailstock. The pressure of the hydraulic cylinder should not be allowed to increase within the allowable stress range.

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