Injection Molding Service -The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In our childhood, we played with barbie dolls, Joe action figures, or flashy toy cars. Even today our cell phones have plastic covers, and our cars have many plastic parts. For your pretty interest, all these are made by using the injection molding process. 

It contains a forming process that uses molds and produces parts in bulk quantity

Injection molding service is an easy way to produce products and parts and can digest many types of plastics and materials. 

Materials used in injection molding can be glasses, confections, and elastomers, and are usually used with thermosetting and thermoplastic polymers. Now the question arises why is it called injection molding? 

Owing to the resemblance with injection syringe, it is known as injection molding, where the material is heated and melted. After that, the melted material goes to the mold where it is cool for diverse shape designs. 

With the help of injection molding machines, complex and diverse shape designs are manufactured and achieved in large volumes thus used in a wide range of industries. Usually, the injection molding process has six parts… 

  1. Clamping
  2. Injection
  3. Dwelling
  4. Cooling
  5. Mold opening
  6. Removal of products



As we know, injection molding service is the most common method to produce identical parts in high volumes because it is reliable, efficient, and simple. However, unlike every process, to help, we simply laid out the advantages as well as disadvantages to consider. 

Advantages Of Injection Molding service

Fast Production

To consider injection molding is a very efficient and effective form of molding, so it is much faster than other methods. Its high production output makes it cost-effective and efficient. 


In a limited time with short cycles, you can produce a greater mass of mold thus increasing the profit margin and revenue. 

Complex Part Design

The most interesting advantage is it can handle even complex parts easily. It is able to create millions of identical parts. 


With the right design, you can make quality parts consistently and without design you can face costly losses. 

Enhanced Strength 

Strength is another point you should consider when designing a part from injection molding. First of all, the designer needs to know the part should be flexible or rigid, thus integrating ribs are adjusted according to it. 


Materials play the most important role in the strength of the part along with the environment. 

Reduced Waste

If you\’re looking for high-quality injection molding meanwhile you should consider green manufacturing initiatives, as they are committed to optimal safety and quality sustainability. 


Because excess plastic is created during the molding process, you should look for a system that can recycle excess plastic. 


We provide eco-friendly injection molding machinery to minimize waste, packaging, and transportation. 

Low Labor Costs

As compared to other molding processes, labor cost is very low in the injection molding process. The molding equipment runs with an automatic tool (even a sole operator can carry and manage the task) to keep production ongoing and needs minimal provision. Automation helps to diminish manufacturing costs, as the overheads reduce. 


Disadvantage Of injection molding

It is known that injection molding has plenty of advantages while it has drawbacks too. 

Cost Of time

Owing to the tool complexity, and essential steps to remove the previous materials from the machine before starting the new procedure, all this process can be lengthy. That\’s the reason, small parts are considered too expensive in injection molding. 

Part design restrictions

It is important to consider that there are some design restrictions for plastic injection molding. However, to work alongside our design expertise, you can be able to overcome initial issues. 

High machinery cost

The beginning cost of the injection molding can be high, thus the after cost is very low.

It is another disadvantage of injection molding that there is high initial machinery and tooling cost. Up-front cost is high owing to the design, testing, and required tooling. But in the initial phase and after crossing the first step it becomes reasonable. 

Considerations Before Going 

Design Factors

Plastic parts created with injection molding can be custom-designed parts. Mold design can cost you hundreds of millions of dollars if you don\’t consider the design at first or before cutting the metal. 


As we know, plastic flows along the least resistance path, and a thick/thin flow will create uneven cooling and gaps. We have a solution. What you need to do is build a CAD design, stimulate the injection process, adjust it, and try again and again for final outcomes. 

Measure, Measure, Measure

Oftentimes, sample models are created for the test part. It helps to check the temperature, flow rate, and adjustment. Mold is the biggest investment in plastic parts, so getting the right piece is crucial for success. Getting the mold wrong will cause you high costs and increase the rework process. 

Production Considerations

The use of the hot runner\’s system is production saving for our parts. If you minimize the assembly requirements then it will also prove cost-saving for you. Also, if you minimize the cycle time, it will aid in the production process. Quantity of parts you want to produce, then determine the cost, if it fits according to your budget then go for it.

Where is Injection Molding service Used?

Owing to its versatile features, plastic parts have their roots and applications in countless industries where repetitive manufacturing work is required. It is widely used to make plastic parts or plastic products. 


Injection molding manufacturing includes bottle tops, wire spools, packaging, musical components, comb, automotive parts, etc. Here are some of the many industries where plastic injection molding is widely used. 

Consumer electronics

Most electronic devices are made with plastic by using injection molding. Plastic is usually used in casing the devices or products. Because the plastic casing is resistant to moisture, dust, other influences, and gives them high-level protection. 


It also helps to increase their durability and optimize performance. Now with the help of custom molding, precise plastic design components can be produced flawlessly for a particular device. 

Pharmaceutical & medical industry

Since the invention of plastic injection molding, it is widely used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. It provides high quality and precision that are mandatory in these industries. 


Thus, custom plastic parts are used in pharmaceutical components, test kits, X-ray components, etc. You can produce various sizes, shapes, and even colors. It can bear high temperatures as well. 

Beverage & food industry

Plastic injection molding is also widely used in the food and beverage industries. For example, food containers, beverage over caps, conveyor system components, filtering components, etc. 


Since this field is highly concerned, a BPA-free, and FDA-approved injection molding system is required. So it is important to find a reliable and authentic injection molding company that can meet the standards of injection molding practices. 

Automotive industry

Automotive components are closely related to the plastic injection molding process. Manufacturers produced high-quality, lightweight, yet durable physical parts that ensure streamlined shipment production. 


As the automotive industry requires highly precise designs, they must meet safety regulations. 

Building and Construction

Building and Construction industries have no exception to it. Its high durability, material stability, great cost-effectiveness, lightweight, material recyclability, and energy efficiency make it most valuable for the construction industry. 


Besides, manufacturers offer affordable building parts such as fasteners, hand tools, and different large/small accessories. 



Q: Can We Reduce Mould Costs? 

Although injection molding is an expensive process, yet there is a number of factors we can use to decrease the cost. Such as eliminating undercuts, reducing cosmetic finishes, removing unnecessary features, using a core cavity approach, etc. 


Q: Is there any problem with injection molding? 

Flow lines, sink lines, weld lines, warping, jetting, are some problems but we will help you to resolve them efficiently.


Q: How should I choose the right resin? 

There are commonly two types of mold resin, amorphous & crystalline. You should choose the material which gives you the most properties. Because each has its advantages and drawbacks. 

Q: Is there any difference between hot runner and cold runner molds? 

Since the invention of the injection molding machine, mold has fallen into two categories: cold as well as hot mold, and each has its own unique properties. Understanding of each helps to determine feasible options for its application. 

In Summary 

As injection molding is a great process, it has a vast range of materials and colors. Identical parts are tight tolerance and repeatable. It has its applications in countless industries as we mentioned earlier. 


We excel in the injection molding process and our expertise includes engineers, management, design manufacturers, etc., with years of experience. Thus, we meet our clients\’ goals & needs and provide high-quality components according to the specific company\’s requirements.

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