How to choose CNC workpiece surface machining method?

The cnc machining method of the surface of the CNC machined part firstly depends on the technical requirements of the machined surface, but it should be noted that these requirements are not necessarily the requirements specified in the part drawing, and sometimes may be higher than the part drawing in some aspects due to technological reasons. Requirements. If the machining requirements for the surface of some cnc machining parts are increased because the datums do not overlap, or because they are used as fine datums, higher machining requirements may be put forward.

After clarifying the technical requirements for the surface of various cnc machined parts, you can choose the final processing method that can guarantee the requirements, and determine the processing methods that require several steps and each step. The selected CNC machining parts processing method should meet the quality of the parts, good processing economy and high production efficiency requirements. Therefore, the following factors should be considered when choosing a processing method:

1. Any cnc machining method can obtain a large range of machining accuracy and surface roughness, but it is economical and effective to step on a relatively small area. The machining accuracy of this range is the economic machining accuracy. For this reason, when choosing a processing method, you should choose a corresponding processing method that can obtain economical processing accuracy.

2. To consider the nature of the cnc machined parts material.

3. To consider the structural shape and size of the cnc machined parts.

4. To consider the requirements of productivity and economy. In mass production, high-efficiency advanced technology should be used. It can even fundamentally change the manufacturing method of the blank, which can reduce the labor of machining.

5. The existing equipment and technical conditions of the factory or workshop should be considered. When selecting the processing method, the existing equipment should be fully utilized, the potential of the enterprise should be tapped, and the enthusiasm and creativity of the workers should be brought into play. However, the existing processing methods should also be continuously improved. And equipment, adopt new technologies and improve the level of craftsmanship.


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