High-speed development of CNC lathe equipment

High-speed development of CNC lathe equipment

With the rapid development of CNC lathe manufacturing industry, higher requirements are put forward for production efficiency and product quality. The precision of CNC lathe processing and manufacturing of various parts is getting higher and higher, and the shape is getting more and more complicated. The application of profiled blades is becoming more and more extensive. Forming blades can be defined as non-standard complex profile blades, such as forming lathe blades, forming milling blades, indexable forming blades, thread comb blades, etc.

1. Application and market prospects of forming blades
The application of the forming blade can simplify the movement of the machine tool shaft system. Under the premise of ensuring the accuracy, the mechatronics design efficiency of the CNC lathe processing machine is doubled, and the machine must be trained to operate the machine tool. For example, a forming turning tool is a special tool for processing the forming surface of a rotating body, and its cutting edge shape is designed according to the contour of the workpiece.

With the forming turning tool, the forming surface can be cut with only one cutting stroke. The operation is simple and the production efficiency is high. The accuracy of the forming surface has nothing to do with the operation level of the worker, and mainly depends on the machining accuracy of the CNC lathe. It can ensure the consistency and interchangeability of the surface shape and dimensional accuracy of the processed workpiece, the processing accuracy can reach IT9-IT10, and the surface roughness Ra6.3-Ra3.2.

At present, forming blades have been widely used in CNC lathe processing mechatronics design in industries such as automobiles, medical treatment, hydraulics, rail transportation, energy, bearings, aerospace, and watch CNC lathe processing and manufacturing, and must be trained to operate machine tools. We believe that the molded blade market will continue to grow.

2. Analysis of forming blades
In terms of tools such as forming car blades, the normal operation of the front and rear corners should not be affected. Turning, but the forming blade is complicated, and the direction of the main blade section is different. It is impossible to grind the top and relief angles of the main section in one blade section. Instead, the longitudinal profile of the blade is turned to a certain angle tool in the inner section of the forming section to form these Adjusting measures for the front and back angles of the blade in the longitudinal profile of the tool.

3. Analysis of the contour error of the formed blade
For profiled blades, contour accuracy is the most important. The grinding accuracy of profiled blades is affected by mechanical, electrical, and grinding wheel wear.


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