Composition of main motion system of CNC machine tool

Composition of main motion system of CNC machine tool

The spindle drive system of a CNC machine tool includes a spindle drive amplifier, a spindle motor, a transmission mechanism, a spindle assembly, a spindle signal detection device and a spindle auxiliary device.

Amplifier: The spindle amplifier is used to receive the spindle speed and function control signals sent by the system to implement spindle motor control. It can be a frequency converter or a special spindle amplifier for the system.

Spindle motor: The spindle motor is the power source of the spindle drive. It can be an ordinary motor, a frequency conversion special electric and a system special spindle motor.

Transmission mechanism: There are three main configuration modes for spindle transmission of CNC machine tools, namely the main movement mode with variable speed gears, the main movement mode through belt transmission and the main movement mode directly driven by variable speed motors.

Spindle assembly: The spindle assembly is a complete set of standard components. The main shaft assembly of the machining center includes a main shaft sleeve, a main shaft, a main shaft bearing, a butterfly spring, a tool claw, etc.

Spindle transmission detection device: The spindle signal detection device can realize the speed and position feedback of the spindle, as well as the signal detection of the spindle function (such as spindle orientation and rigid tapping control, etc.). It can be an external spindle encoder, a spindle motor built-in sensor and an external connection The one-turn signal is matched with the sensor detection device installed in the motor.

Auxiliary devices: Auxiliary devices mainly include spindle tool lock/release control device, spindle automatic shift control device, spindle cooling and lubrication device, etc.


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