CNC lathe clearance causes

CNC lathe clearance causes

The movement of the machine tool will produce a gap, including the guide rod pushing the tool holder to move. Over time, it will wear out and the gap will be too large, which will affect the processing effect. Let\’s talk about the causes and effects of the gap of CNC lathes.

Reasons for CNC lathe clearance:
1. There is a gap between the ball screw and the nut pair of the machine tool, which cannot be in close contact to produce axis movement.

2. With the use of machine tools, wear gradually intensifies, resulting in gaps.

The influence of CNC lathe clearance:
1. When the workbench is moving backward, the motor runs idly and the workbench does not move, causing a positioning error of ±D/2, which affects the accuracy of the machine tool.

2. When the clearance is too large, the dynamic response characteristics will deteriorate and oscillation will occur. Guangdong CNC Lathe

The solution to the excessive clearance of CNC lathe:
1. Using high-precision ball screw.

2. Pre-tighten the screws during installation.

3. Use CNC system commands to compensate the gap.

Measurement of Backlash Error of CNC Lathe
1. Measure the backlash error D of the machine tool according to the difference between the grating feedback value and the position command

2. According to the difference between the actual position of the machine tool measured by the laser interferometer and the position command, the machine backlash error D is measured.


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