Cleaning of CNC machine cooling unit

Cleaning of CNC machine cooling unit


The cooling device of the CNC machine tool is as important as the lubricating device, and good cooling can effectively improve the processing quality of the workpiece and the life of the machine tool parts. Under normal circumstances, the daily maintenance of the cooling device is mainly the supply and replacement of the cooling liquid and the cleaning of the filter device.

When should the cooling device be maintained?

1. Observe the oil mark in front of the water tank. When the cooling water decreases, it should be refilled in time. Generally, the configuration of the water outlet around the main shaft should at least make the oil filter at the suction port of the cooling pump completely submerged in the water.

2. When the cooling water is polluted and deteriorated, it should be replaced in time. Remove the screw plug under the water tank to discharge the waste liquid. After cleaning the water tank, fill in new, clean cooling liquid.

3. The cooling water tank is divided into two chambers, a water tank and a pump box. The filter screen is easy to remove when it needs to be cleaned, and the cleaning is very convenient. In addition, there is an oil filter at the entrance of the cooling pump. The above two devices are used for a certain period of time in the machine Check and clean in time afterwards.

4. Under normal circumstances, the oil filter and filter screen should be cleaned every two months.

The maintenance of machinery is different but has a lot in common, so the maintenance of CNC machine tools is also very important.



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