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How Much Does Injection Molding Cost?

Injection molding is used to produce plastic parts for different industries in a high volume. The injection molding cost may start at $100 and go up to $100,000. When the volume and complexity of the required parts are low, the cost is low, and when the production volume is high,

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RIM Service

Reaction Injection Molding(RIM) Introduction 

Reaction Injection Molding(RIM) Introduction  Reaction injection molding sounds like plastic molding but the word reaction signals a big difference between the two. In reality, reaction injection molding utilizes chemical reactions to create more lightweight, strong, tough, complex, and more customizable parts in a more cost-effective way than standard injection molding. 

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Die Casting Vs Sand Casting

Though in today’s market a number of casting services are available yet die casting and sand casting are most known by everyone. And each one accomplishes its desired goals. As the names are different, so are the functions and processes. In the below process, we will explain the differences between

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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Die Casting

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Die Casting Die casting uses molten metal under extreme pressure to produce metal components.  It is known that die casting includes a metal manufacturing process where molten metal is injected under high pressure (mostly at 30,000 psi (200 MPa) into the mold cavity. And all the

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Injection Molding Service -The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In our childhood, we played with barbie dolls, Joe action figures, or flashy toy cars. Even today our cell phones have plastic covers, and our cars have many plastic parts. For your pretty interest, all these are made by using the injection molding process.  It contains a forming process that

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Steps of the traditional die casting process

Die casting process consists of four steps, which can be called high pressure die casting. These four steps, including mold preparation, filling, injection, and shakeout, are also the basis for various modified die casting processes. Lubricant is sprayed into the mold cavity during the preparation process. In addition to helping

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What is the turn-milling compound center?

What is the turn-milling compound center? The turning-milling compound center is an advanced cutting method. It uses the combined movement of milling cutter rotation and workpiece rotation to realize the cutting of the workpiece so that the workpiece can meet the requirements in terms of shape accuracy, position accuracy, and

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Why does 5G design need ANSYS simulation?

The birth of 5G technology indicates that wireless communication will show us an extraordinary world. It is synonymous with profit growth in many fields at present, such as consumer electronics, the Internet of Things (IoT), advanced assisted driving systems (ADAS), telecommunications, entertainment, medical treatment, and transportation. However, the ensuing related

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