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How to identify a good CNC machine factory

CNC machines work on the principle of Computer Numerical Control. Such machines are designed to allow users to use them as tools for metal and plastic treatment. CNC machines manufacture various kinds of materials and perform other processes on them. These processes range from treating the surface of metals and plastics

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What is metal 3D printing?

Metal 3D printing is one of the most commonly used methods these days, which is carried out by numerous industries to manufacture metal parts. The need for metal parts is eminent in several industries and to have them manufactured from scratch is highly dependent on the process of 3D printing.

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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Die Casting

Die casting uses molten metal under extreme pressure to produce metal components.  It is known that die casting includes a metal manufacturing process where molten metal is injected under high pressure (mostly at 30,000 psi (200 MPa) into the mold cavity. And all the molten metal process is done by a

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What Is CNC Milling?

A number of products today, from supersonic jets to smartphones, all are made of versatility and reliability of CNC milling. Before proceeding further, first understand the CNC and milling separately.  CNC Machine: CNC Machining is a process that delivers instruction to specific computer programs. It includes G-Code and helps to

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12 solutions for under injection molding

Undershot is when the injected material does not fill the mold cavity, resulting in an incomplete part, usually in thin-walled areas or areas away from the gate. Some minor keys that are not important on the inside and do not affect the appearance need not be adjusted. If it were

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How Much Does Injection Molding Cost?

Injection molding is used to produce plastic parts for different industries in a high volume. The injection molding cost may start at $100 and go up to $100,000. When the volume and complexity of the required parts are low, the cost is low, and when the production volume is high,

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RIM Service

Reaction Injection Molding(RIM) Introduction 

Reaction Injection Molding(RIM) Introduction  Reaction injection molding sounds like plastic molding but the word reaction signals a big difference between the two. In reality, reaction injection molding utilizes chemical reactions to create more lightweight, strong, tough, complex, and more customizable parts in a more cost-effective way than standard injection molding. 

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Die Casting Vs Sand Casting

Though in today’s market a number of casting services are available yet die casting and sand casting are most known by everyone. And each one accomplishes its desired goals. As the names are different, so are the functions and processes. In the below process, we will explain the differences between

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