Introduction to the selection of Cnc Turning tools

1.The requirements of Cnc Turning for tools In Cnc Turning, most of the tools are the same as those for normal machining, but the requirements for Cnc Turning are higher. The specific contents are as follows. In order to ensure the quality of processing and improve productivity should have high reliability and durability, in order […]

CNC precision machining of mating parts

1.Analysis of machining parts technologyWe all know that the smallest unit in the machinery is the parts, and the mechanism is composed of parts to cooperate, machinery is the mechanism between the cooperation of the composition, a machine to be able to operate normally, play its corresponding role, then whether it can meet the requirements […]

Development and application research of high Vacuum Casting technology

Compared with the common die casting technology, the high Vacuum Casting technology is relatively simple to operate and has a higher production efficiency. Therefore, since the high Vacuum Casting technology has been put into production, it has received the key attention of major manufacturers and has good economic development and application prospects. With the continuous […]

How to identify a good CNC machine factory

CNC machines work on the principle of Computer Numerical Control. Such machines are designed to allow users to use them as tools for metal and plastic treatment. CNC machines manufacture various kinds of materials and perform other processes on them. These processes range from treating the surface of metals and plastics to cutting them, designing them, […]

How to Improve Injection Molding Design With Uniform Wall Thickness

The use of plastic parts is something prevalent for each individual. These plastic parts are not just used in the aerospace industry, medicine and automobiles, etc., but they also have significance in daily lives. It is significant for each plastic part to have a uniform wall thickness. Wall thickness is normal and achieved in every […]

What is metal 3D printing?

Metal 3D printing is one of the most commonly used methods these days, which is carried out by numerous industries to manufacture metal parts. The need for metal parts is eminent in several industries and to have them manufactured from scratch is highly dependent on the process of 3D printing. About metal 3D printing Metal […]

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Die Casting

Die casting uses molten metal under extreme pressure to produce metal components.  It is known that die casting includes a metal manufacturing process where molten metal is injected under high pressure (mostly at 30,000 psi (200 MPa) into the mold cavity. And all the molten metal process is done by a machine known as a die […]

What Is CNC Milling?

A number of products today, from supersonic jets to smartphones, all are made of versatility and reliability of CNC milling. Before proceeding further, first understand the CNC and milling separately.  CNC Machine: CNC Machining is a process that delivers instruction to specific computer programs. It includes G-Code and helps to bring virtual samples into real […]

12 solutions for under injection molding

Undershot is when the injected material does not fill the mold cavity, resulting in an incomplete part, usually in thin-walled areas or areas away from the gate. Some minor keys that are not important on the inside and do not affect the appearance need not be adjusted. If it were to be adjusted, it could […]