Application of CNC lathe tool

In the application of high-performance and high-precision CNC lathes, in order to achieve stability and good processing efficiency, general CNC lathe machining tools are higher than the requirements of ordinary tools in terms of design, manufacturing and use. CNC lathe machining tools are comparable to ordinary tools. The main differences are in the following aspects:

1. High-precision manufacturing quality
In order to process the surface of high-precision parts stably, the requirements for precision, surface roughness, shape tolerance and other aspects of the manufacturing of tools (including tool parts) are more stringent than ordinary tools, especially indexable tools, in order to ensure transposition The repetitive accuracy of the size of the rear tool tip (turning edge) must strictly ensure the size, accuracy and surface roughness of the key parts of the tool body, slot, positioning parts, etc. At the same time, in order to facilitate the tool and size measurement in the tool instrument, the machining accuracy of the base surface should also be ensured.

2. Tool structure optimization
The advanced tool structure can greatly improve the cutting efficiency. For example, the high-speed CNC milling cutter has more waveforms and large helix angle structures. The cooling adopts cemented carbide indexable cutters. The blade installation can be detachable and adjustable. Modules, For example, the internal cooling structure is not applicable to ordinary machine tools.

3. Wide application of high-quality materials
In order to extend tool life and increase tool strength, many CNC lathe machining tool materials use high-strength alloy steel blades, and heat treatment (such as nitriding surface treatment), which can make it suitable for large cutting with less consumption and significantly improve the tool Long service life (commonly used knives use medium-carbon steel tempered knives). In terms of cutting edge materials, CNC lathe machining tools use a variety of new grades of cemented carbide (fine particles or ultrafine particles) and superhard tool materials.

4. It does not affect the selection of chipbreaker for normal operation
The cutting tools used in CNC lathes have strict requirements on chip flutes. During processing, the tool is often interfered by the chip conveyor and cannot work normally (some CNC lathes, turning is turned off), so whether CNC lathes, milling machines, drilling machines or boring machines, the blades are optimized for different processing materials and procedures. Affect the normal operation of the chip removal groove, so that the turning can be stable chip breaking.

5. Surface coating treatment
The emergence and development of surface coating technology is mainly due to the emergence and development of CNC lathe tools. Because the coating can significantly increase the hardness of the tool, reduce friction, and improve the efficiency and service life of turning, more than 80% of the machining of various cemented carbide indexable CNC lathe tools have adopted coating technology.


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